I wrote this poem for my husband because he is the best husband and father in the world. He is dedicated to his family and works hard for us. He shows his love ...

A heartfelt Poem from a husband and dad depicting his love for his family, his children and his wife, through the passage of time. My wife and I have 3 beautiful children one of them my son we nearly lost about a year ago. ... with my kids and wife.

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1) Happy Father Day Poem For Ideal Husband From Wife

When we married, I saw you as perfect,
The ideal husband and more;
I thought I knew all about you,
All the things to love and adore.
But when you became a father,
I saw new qualities to treasure.
You enrich all our lives in fresh ways;
As a dad, you bring so much pleasure.


2) Fathers Day Poem For Caring Father From Wife

Being a dad is more than a day
More than a thank-you or annual display
Your laughter and caring, adventure and humor
So giving, befitting the honor of father

I couldn’t have picked a better man
To travel through life with our crazy clan
You’re my husband, my hero, and may I suggest
A wonderful father — the best of the best!

When I look at you being a dad to our children,
my heart swells with gratitude and pride,

I find myself sitting in a corner, admiring you be your natural self,
being in your comfort zone of daddyhood.

I feel so blessed to have a husband like you
I am so thankful that my children are blessed
with a father as caring, thoughtful, and supportive as you

It must be Heavenly Father looking out for me
He knew we would compliment each other
so he blessed us with each other

On this Father’s Day here is a wish for you
I wish for continuous blessings from above
For God’s guidance, protection, strength
For health, long life and prosperity

I want to thank you for always putting our children’s interest first
We love you from the bottom of our hearts
We wish you Happy Father’s Day


3) Happy Fathers Day Poem For My Love From Wife

You’ve been in our lives for so many seasons
I’m pouring my heart out for that very reason
I’ve given you life, my husband, and friend
Our love affair shall never end
And though our love has been through the fire
You and only you are my true heart’s desire
I pray for the man that is paving the way
For our children each and every day
A man who is…
A man who’s…
It’s no wonder why God’s on your side
He gave you the strength to father a child
And even when we don’t know what to say
Your wisdom consistently saves the day
I opened my heart to you, simply to say…


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