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Son Poems, beautiful poems from Mother to Son and Father to Son.The relationship of a sontowards both his parents is very complex. Having a son can be one ...

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Telling my mother how much she means and thanking her for all that she has done I'm writing you to tell you that I love you Something I hardly ever do. I never ...

Mother poems of gratitude and admiration. Poems for mothers say what you've always wanted to tell her. Includes daughter, son, funny, short mom poems.

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I Love You Poems for Mom: One measly greeting card on Mother's Day or on a ... your mom feel like she's the got the most loving son or daughter in the whole ...

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Special Fathers Day Poems for Uncle, Grandpa, Husband, Mom, Dad, Father in law, Boyfriend, Brother, Stepfather and Friends & Family

1) Fathers Day Poem From Girlfriend To Boyfriend

Dearest Boyfriend
On Father’s day and always,
may this gesture of love
express my gratitude
for all you have given to your children.

May your Father’s day be filled
with the same joy and laughter
with which you have filled your children life.

Thank you for showing your strength,
your wisdom and your love.

May God bless you dear
this Father’s day and always.


2) Loving Poem for My Father-In-Law from Daughter In Law

If I had to do my life over
I’d chose you to be my dad.
I love you and honor you:
You take all of my sorrows away.
I am happy to call you my dad and
am proud to be your daughter-in-law.
There were times when we disagreed.
But you still mean the world to me.
Your love has always been pure;
You’ve treated me as your own.
You’ve always taken me as your real daughter,
instead of just saying, daughter-in-law.
Even if it means losing you someday,
it will be worth all the tears in the end.
For you’ll always be the sunshine when the skies go grey.

~Candi Dudley


3) Fathers Day Poem From Daughter to Daddy

For my father, my friend,
This to me you have always been.
Through the good times and the bad,
Your understanding I have had.
A gentleman at heart,
This sets you apart,
From the others, I’ve seen,
You mean so much to me.
The laughter we have shared,
Cannot be compared.
The tears I have shed,
As you lovingly nodded your head.
You have always been there,
With a smile and a hug,
A precious gift from our God up above.
The times that I have been down and sad,
Your silly ways could always make me glad.
You gave me strength to carry on,
Even when all hope seemed to be gone.
The lessons in life that I have learned,
Are from your genuine love and concern.
With deep appreciation for all you have done.
You, Dad,
Are my number one.
With all my love, Your Daughter, Your Friend

~Peggy Stewart


4) Happy Fathers Day Mom Poems

Now that I’m older I respect how you cuddled
me when I was so sad
I understand now that it’s not your fault I
have an ‘invisible’ Dad
My first steps, my first ‘boo-boo’, first fight you were there
My first question about my Dad, you handled
with care
Watching you work so hard to make sure I have
what I need
Teaching me the importance of the value of
the value of life, how to succeed
Always stern, yet gentle, quick to tickle me
and play
You are phenomenal Mommy!

~Linda Knight


5) Happy Fathers Day Poem for Uncle

Happy Father’s Day to a dear uncle!
A pillar of my life and of my joy;
Patient, though I may your cover rumple;
Pleased to be both playmate and large toy.
Yours is the quiet sanity I count on,
Familiar in the space around your voice,
A gentle, well-trained wisdom I can mount on
To ride to the persuasion of my choice.
Here I am, then, at your doorstep waiting,
Eager to be held by you and play,
Ravenous with hunger there’s no sating,
‘Mid your life a willful piece of clay.
So will we join our destinies in this
Dependency, which someday I will miss,
A long, consuming moment which, when done,
Yet will shape the journeys still to run.

~William Byrd


6) Fathers Day Poem From Wife to Husband

When I look at you being a dad to our children,
my heart swells with gratitude and pride,

I find myself sitting in a corner, admiring you be your natural self,
being in your comfort zone of daddyhood.

I feel so blessed to have a husband like you
I am so thankful that my children are blessed
with a father as caring, thoughtful, and supportive as you

It must be Heavenly Father looking out for me
He knew we would compliment each other
so he blessed us with each other

On this Father’s Day here is a wish for you
I wish for continuous blessings from above
For God’s guidance, protection, strength
For health, long life and prosperity

I want to thank you for always putting our children’s interest first
We love you from the bottom of our hearts
We wish you Happy Father’s Day



7) Happy Fathers Day Poem From Grandpa

I just want to let you know
You mean the world to me.
Only a heart as dear as yours,
can give so unselfishly

The many things you have done;
All the times that you were there.
Help me know deep down inside,
How much you care.

Even though I might not say
I appreciate all you do
Richly blessed is how I feel
Having a grandfather like you!
Happy Fathers day Grandpa!
– Joyce

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