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1) Dear mom…

I still remember
The sound of your last breath
I can still hear words that
You said just before your death
I can still feel your hands
Entangled warmly in mine
I can still envision your smile
Faint but still so fine
Although I do remember
The last promise I made to you
Stopping my flow of tears
I haven’t been able to
I miss you


2) When I was a teenager I always thought
That hanging out with you was so not cool
Sometimes I’d be embarrassed when you
Came to pick me up from school
I look back at those times and think
How silly I was to have refuted
The love of a mother, so caring
Whose sacrifices can never be disputed
Life has its own harsh way of teaching lessons
I guess it was meant to be this way
I am crying for your hugs now that you’re gone
Mom, I will miss you till my dying days


3) The grief is inexplicable
The loss feels unbearable
The bereavement seems never-ending
The lament seems to do nothing
The pain is strong and relentless
The hurt has rendered me helpless
The damage done is permanent
Your death was my life’s worst moment
I miss you mom


4) While I was caught up trying to manage
All the wrong priorities in life
I overlooked how the nasty disease
Had taken over yours, causing endless strife
A false assurance, I used to give myself
That you were being card for
Even visiting you in hospital
Sometimes I thought of it as a chore
But now that you are gone, I realize
How foolish I have been
Mom, I am dying in guilt and regret
I hope you can forgive my sins
I miss you

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5) I wish I could turn back time
Not just by years, but decades
Right to the time I was a teenager
When you used to whine about my grades
I would do a lot of things differently
I would never have shown disrespect
I wouldn’t have tried to ignore you
I would have heeded your advice, so perfect
Mom, I know it is too late to say
All these things now
But I hope you are listening to all this
From the heavens above
I miss you


6) Mom…
Every day is the same for me
Filled with nightmares and reverie
When I dream of you by my side
Stroking my head with a smile so wide
Sweat, palpitations and fear
Engulf me and start to creep near
Reminding me of all those days
Spent amidst your loving ways
As the night descends once more
I start shivering from my very core
For I know that it will bring
Memories that will make me wring
I miss you


7) Dear mom…
You don’t exist in this world anymore
But you always will, in my memory
You are not present in the house anymore
But in my heart, you will always be
You are not there to wish me goodnight
But from the Heavens, I know you’ll say
You will make sure I’m never lonely
Watching me from above every day
Even though your existence
Is now personified by a gravestone
I know that if your love is with me
I will never feel alone
I miss you